This game is similar to the game "Klotski" which maybe you already know. The aim of the game is to get the white blob from the top right corner to the bottom left corner with a minimum number of moves. You can move a single blob by mouse dragging. You can even change the shape of a blob: first click on it and after that press on a number from 1 to 3. However a blob can change it's shape only when there is enough space, otherwise you have first to remove some of the neighbouring blobs.
There are 3 levels with 5 games in every level, every game can be solved. You can store the record (minimum number of moves) for every game. You can edit, save and re-load up to 10 own games.

This is a game of the hardest level, all games can be solved in less than 40 moves in this level. In the easy level you need only 21 moves at the most.