Halma is a well-known game, but most of all it is played on a star-shaped playing field. This version of halma is played on a square game board and there is in opposite to the usual Halma an additional rule: You can do even big jumps, that means you can jump over a piece, if the number of empty fields before the piece is equal to the number of empty fields after that piece.
When you want to move a piece, simply click on it and after that click on every field which is touched by a jump in the right order.
At the end click a second time on the destination field.
The computer can play in two several levels: advanced and profi. In order to change the level, press one of the keys "a" or "p". After you have finished a game you can analyze it once again: first press "1" and "3" to change into the 2-player-mode. Now you can take back a move by pressing "t" and replay by pressing "r".

In this position the green player made the last move, the blue line shows the jump of a green piece. You can change the graphics mode by pressing "m". Use the arrow keys to go around the game board, Shift+ arrow keys to shift the picture or to turn by an angle of 180 degree and use "+" and "-" to zoom in and zoom out the picture.