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Seven games by one stroke !

Help the poor tailor !
Here you can see how the poor tailor is trying to rescue his jam from the evil flies, which want to eat away it all!
Trying to catch a fly What happened until now:
Well, first of all the tailor was working hardly in order to get money. After that he bought the jam because he really likes to eat jam. And just when he did it on his bread to get a fine meal, suddenly all of this flies came in through the window and now they want to eat away the jam! And the tailor doesn't know what to do! And finaly the sun is laughing about him! This is really impudent, isn't it?
But you can help the tailor. Please help the poor tailor !!
You simply have to solve this seven games: 1. Cubuild, 2. Threefit, 3. Cosmos, 4. Laby, 5. Cubus, 6. Mosaic, 7. Circles, step by step, one after another, and when you solved all games then the flies will stop, that means they will go away, what I want to say is: they don't want the jam anymore and disappear. (You can also click on "Stop!" but that would not be fair.) If you want to play a game, just press the number or the F-key. (That means: Press "3" or press "F3" for game number 3!)
But first of all you need the game in order to play it. The easiest way to get it is by clicking on (910 KB). (The program is bilingual, streich = stroke.) OK, do you have it? And now you must unzip the file. You surely know how to do it, don't you? And now you can start to play! Ooops, it's amazing, isn't it?
There is an additional game number 8 included, but it doesn't count, this game is just only an additional game. So if you think: "Where is now this game number 8, I can only see 7 games!", then guess, whether there is under the word "Registration", whether there is hidden a game number 8, what do you think? If you do a fine registration and type in your name and your personal number (top secret), guess, does the word "Registration" change into the name of this game number 8 (in mysterious way)? What do you think?
Oops! 7 by one stroke! And if you can't stand it with your curiosity, what do you think is the number you must press to play this game just even before your registration is done? Do you know the number? But there is one thing you can't do before and this is: to enter the Top Ten Table! This is only for those people who have already paid! Now you know it!
Beside this you must solve all of the 7 games within one hour! And this is not very easy! But it is possible, it is. Me, myself and I, we got it in 15 minutes! Yes, really!
O.k. that's all for now. And now, at the end I have a picture for you, where the tailor got to get rid of all the flies!
He got seven of them by one stroke, which are under the red duster. Because of that you can't see them in this moment right now.
Bye bye !
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