Speedy Eater

There is an 8 x 8 game board, every of the two players has one eater. The aim of the game is to eat the opponent's eater. At the beginning one eater stands on the left bottom corner of the game board, the other eater stands on the right top corner. The eater move alternately.
The eater has at most 4 possibilities to move (to the left, right, to and bottom). An eater can jump over an empty field, after that this field (if not marked yet) and the field where the eater came from will be marked with the colour of the eater.
It is not possible to jump over a field if it is marked with the opponent's colour, but the field can be occupied by the eater.
An eater can and must jump over two fields, if they both are marked with the own colour. An Eater must always make a move with the highest value. The value for every field that will be marked is 1. When a eater moves on a field which is marked with the opponent's colour, the value is also one. So if an eater comes from an empty field and jumps over an epty field on a field with the opponent's colour, the value of this move is 3. The highest value has the move by which a eater eats the other eater.
If both eater are on the game board after 108 moves, it's a draw.
You can move an Eater by clicking on the destination field. In 2d-mode you can move an eater also by keys: You can move the green eater by the arrow keys, the keys "A", "W", "S" and "D" belong to the yellow eater.
The computer can play in 3 several levels: idiot, profi and champion. In order to change the level, press one of the keys "i", "p" or "c". After you have finished a game you can analyze it once again: first press "1" and "3" to change into the 2-player-mode. Now you can take back a move by pressing "t" and replay by pressing "r".
When you are in 3d-mode use Ctrl + arrow keys to go around the game board and use "+" and "-" to zoom in and zoom out the picture.

The yellow eater moves and wins: the yellow eater jumps on the yellow field near the green eater, the green eater has to move on one of the two neighbouring yellow fields. Now the yellow eater can move on this field and eat the green eater.