JavaScript Diagram Builder - The Box object

The Box object is similar to the bar object. It has 2 additional properties: BorderWidth and BorderColor. Bar and box objects can also be used with an image-tag instead of the text. In this way you can display the objects also in 3D look. For transparent objects (this diagram) use the background color "".
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<SCRIPT Language="JavaScript">;
var D=new Diagram();
D.SetFrame(80, 160, 520, 360);
D.SetBorder(Date.UTC(2000,11,15,0,0,0), Date.UTC(2001,11,15,0,0,0), 0, 1000);
D.SetText("","", "Website Hits 2001");
D.Draw("", "#004080", false);
var i, j, y, y0=D.ScreenY(0);
for (i=0; i<12; i++)
{ y=D.ScreenY(500+Math.random()*400);
  if (i%2==0) new Box(j-12, y, j+12, y0, "#0000FF", "v_blue.gif", "#FFFFFF", 1, "#000000");
  else new Box(j-12, y, j+12, y0, "#FF0000", "v_red.gif", "#000000", 1, "#000000");

You can use the following methods: Before drawing, you can change the text style:
_BFont is a global variable, which is valid for all Bar and Box objects. The default setting is

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