LT Diagram Builder - Download

Download of v. 3.3

- JavaScript version with english documentation (100kB) - JavaScript version with german documentation (102kB) - JavaScript version with portuguese documentation (102kB) - PHP version with examples (78kB) - ASP version with examples (92kB) - gdImage.dll (required only for ASP version) (92kB)
From my webstats I see that there are less downloads for than for
You need the gdImage.dll when you want to use the ASP version, otherwise it will not work!
This dll is not in your Windows directory or elsewhere, you can only get it from here!
LT Diagram Builder is freeware, but when it makes you feel better, you can donate. This will maybe help me, to find the motivation for user support and further developments (and maybe help you to get a better karma ;)
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