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(with a short introduction)

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The logistic equation - a simple example for population dynamics
(the source files loggl.cpp, ltdiagrm.cpp and ltdiagrm.h in MS Visual C++)

- - -


The Menger's sponge (4 colors used) - the fractal dimension is 2.73

- - -


The number of colors will be reduced from 4 to 2 - the algorithm uses a fractal path
(the fractal dimension of the curve is 2.00)

- - -


The result - 2 colors are used to represent 4 colors
(the entire source code fbv_demo.pas in Turbo Pascal for the serious student)

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This is how I made the background of this page:
fractals created in an abstract way - by recursive coordinate transformations
(see the source file (a bit difficult, but abstract!) fract.cpp in MS Visual C++)

- - -


The Sierpinski's triangle - the fractal dimension is 1.58
(created by a chaotical process using random numbers)

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The animation (75 KB) - to show the self-similarity
(the source file dreieck.pas in Turbo Pascal)

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