This game is a 3D mini puzzle with cubes. The corners of the cubes are colored balls. 8 small cubes with colored corners shall be pinned together to a large cube so that corners with the same color have the same position. For that purpose you click on one of the 8 small cubes and turn it to the position you want. After that you click on the corner of the large cube where the small cube shall be placed. If that isn't possible because the colors don't fit together there will occur a message beep. You can even turn the large cube: click on it with the mouse and after that click on one of the upper buttons! The game is solved when the large cube is complete. Every game can be solved! The game can be managed only by mouse.

In this picture the first small cube is already placed. The marked cube on the right side (with thick outline) can be set at the top of it by clicking on the appropriate corner of the large cube.