This game is the easiest of the seven games and it is similar to the well-known games "Tetris" and "Columns". Colored balls fall down and your task is to get three of the same color in a line. Those balls will disappear and balls that are above them will fall down. In this way the score raises. The higher the level the higher the speed of the falling balls. You can choose a level by pressing a number from 1 to 7. (But that reduces your score to 0.) You will come to a higher level automaticly with certain scores. The game is solved when the score is more than 777. To manage the game use the arrow keys. With the "arrow up" you can switch between score and level display.
This game can be played in two different sizes, each of it in tetragonal or in hexagonal mode.

The light blue ball at the right side has just fallen down. Now three light blue balls are in a line and will disappear. After that the dark blue balls in the middle can fall down, so that three dark blue balls are in a line and will disappear.