This game is similar to "Tic Tac Toe" and "Connect Four". There are 4 x 4 sticks on a square game board and two players. Each of them has 32 balls (two different colors). The two players alternately put a ball on a stick. The player who first got 4 balls in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) is the winner.

In this position the player with the dark balls makes a move and wins (ball on the left stick - and there are 4 dark balls in a diagonal). In order to put a ball on a stick click at the end of the stick - the ball is placed, and after that click a second time to the same position - the ball drops down. The computer can play in 4 several levels: greenhorn, advanced, professional and champion. In order to change the level, simply press one of the keys "g", "a", "p" or "c".
After you have finished a game you can analyze it once again: first press "1" and "3" to change into the 2-player-mode. Now you can take back a move by pressing "t" and replay by pressing "r". You can change the graphics mode by pressing "m". Use the arrow keys to go around the game board, Shift+ arrow keys to shift the picture and use "+" and "-" to zoom in and zoom out the picture.