SVG-CANVAS-3D 1.4 (2023)

formerly SVG-VML-3D 1.3 (2006)

This is the successor of the library SVG-VML-3D 1.3 (2006), VML is discontinued and instead SVG or CANVAS can be used.
The implementation of SVG was simplified according to to new web standards and works now also offline again.
The library was restructured and has now a small footprint as there is now only one global object V3D.
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What is SVG-CANVAS-3D ?

SVG-CANVAS-3D is a free JavaScript library which can be used to draw and manipulate 3D objects in html pages by using SVG or CANVAS.
The JavaScript code to define the Scene (3D Objects, Viewer Position, Light, ...) is the same for SVG and CANVAS.
With V3D.use="svg" or V3D.use="canvas" you can choose what to use.

What can I do with this library?

Have a look at this examples by clicking on the pictures.
The file v3d.js is the core of the library and must always be included.
If you want to use a 3D chart, then the file boundingbox.js must be included.
Additionally, you can define your own classes for specific 3D objects.
The objects, which are defined in the files platonic.js and colorbox3d.js are only used in their specific context.
Have a look at those 2 files, to see how you can define your own objects for the use with this library.

Platonic solids
3D chart
Function plotter
Rubiks cube

Where do I get this library?

If you have clicked on one of the pictures, then you already have it in the cache of your webbrowser ;-)
But for your convenience I give you a link to download as zip file.

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