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100 JavaScript games to play online !

Here you can play more than 100 online games, written entirely in HTML and JavaScript. (No, Java and JavaScript is not the same!). Using JavaScript makes them small in size and fast to load and the best: you can even view the source code of a game, if you want! The games have been tested under Windows and Linux and work with nearly all currently used web browsers: Internet Explorer 5+, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror, Netscape 6+. You can play my games even with the old Netscape 4.7. Some older browsers are a bit buggy - if a game display seems to be not okay, close the game window and open it again (not reload) or resize the game window, in most cases this will help. All games which are not marked with NO will also work fine in the Opera 5 browser under Windows. Games which are marked with UC are still under construction.

What you may do :-)
- put a link from your web page to this page
- copy the games to your PC and play them offline
What you shall not do :-(
- put a link from your web page directly to a game
- put one ore more of this games on your web page

!NEW! red games are with HIGHSCORES !NEW!
click link to play the game
click link to view highscores of the game and to save your best score
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And here are the games:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Card Part
1. Cubuild NO 1. Gallony 1. Nebulus NO 1. Pearlski 1. Pile Tile
2. Threefit 2. Blocks 2. Hanoi 2. ChinaBox 2. Long Line
3. Cosmos 3. Puzzly 3. PlusMinus 3. Blobski 3. Free Towers
4. Laby 4. Noah 4. Reflex 4. Memory 4. Match Match
5. Cubus 5. Addy 5. Rebulus 5. Divi 5. Gap Hop
6. Mosaic 6. FlipFlop 6. Balance NO 6. TipTop 6. Yukon Klondike
7. Circles 7. Clicky 7. Nikulus 7. Li 7. Solongg
8. TicTac3D 8. Piracy 8. Speedy Eater 8. Halma 8. Patience 42

Some more games:

For one player

For two players

There is a MS-Windows program version, downloadable as (900 KB), in which all games from part 1 up to part 4 are included (with more options and a better performance). Copy the file streich.reg into the game directory, if you want to be able to save highscores.

For puzzle lovers: check out my collection of Thirty Associative Puzzles (with highscores).