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Another seven games by one stroke !

Help the flies to save their lifes !
Ah! This hurts! Are you that kind of person who could sit there and watch how the tailor kills one fly after another? I think you aren't! So please help the flies! In order to defend theirselfs they have no other choice: The flies now start to beat the tailor because this is the only way for the gad-flies to save their own lifes! And now it becomes really painful for the tailor. Here, take a look at this picture !
But if you want that this awful masacre comes to an end, please solve the following seven games:
1. Gallony, 2. Blocks, 3. Puzzly, 4. Noah, 5. Addy, 6. FlipFlop, 7. Clicky!
You could also click on "Stop!" again but that would not be fair. As you can see there is also an additional game number 8 included.
Now have fun and solve Part 2, cause Part 3 is comming soon!
So long !