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The third seven games by one stroke !

As you can see - all good things are three !
HAPPY END Now the jam battle is over !
Derived from a poet's word: There's enough jam on earth for every who deserves its worth.
Because of this the tailor and the flies now get on well together, live in harmony and share the jam. You should take this as an example! Even the sun gets its part of the jam. Now the sun has power to shine and the weather will be fine.
And here are the third seven games and this are:
1. Nebulus, 2. Hanoi, 3. PlusMinus, 4. Reflex, 5. Rebulus, 6. Balance, 7. Nikulus!
And this is the game number 8 and this is: game number 8.
And this is the end of the story and this is: