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Seven games by one stroke - Part 4 !

This is the encore: Seven by one stroke - Part 4 !
GOOD BYE ! Why another seven games by one stroke ? Isn't it still enough ? Is it not possible to stop with it ? Why can't this come to an end ?
The answer is:
How many wheels has a car ? How many corners has a rectangle ? How many legs has a donkey ? So how many parts should have a game like this ?
In the meantime the tailor and the sun became real good friends, the fies flew to Flagranti and played Seven games by one stroke, for instance:
1. Pearlski, 2. ChinaBox, 3. Blobski, 4. Memory, 5. Divi, 6. TipTop, 7. Li! and a so-called game number 8.
Good bye !